What is a Featured Placement?

Want to attract even more event seekers to your upcoming events? Consider Featured Placements! Feature Placements are guaranteed ad spots at the top of our premium calendars which create constant visibility of your event for your selected duration.

How to schedule a Feature Placement:

Step 1: Log into your Vesta account and create or locate the upcoming event you'd like to feature.

To create a new event, click "create event" at the top of your screen. To locate an upcoming event, go to your "dashboard" and then "events". Once you have found the event, click "edit event".

Step 2: Once you have selected calendars to promote your event to, scroll to the very bottom of the promote page. Featured Placement options will be listed at the bottom of the page. Select the date(s) you'd like the ad to run. Then click "save and review".

Note: If you don't see this option, the feature is not currently available in your market. Stay tuned!

Step 3: Review your event and proceed to payment via Stripe for your Feature Placement.

Note: Your event has been submitted to selected calendars. Proceed to payment would only be for the additional charge for the Feature Placement of the event.

Step 4: Submit payment via Stripe for your Feature Placement.

Now, sit back and watch the attendees roll in! 😎

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