Creating an Event

Dive deep into all of the fields of event creation!

  1. Event Name: Exactly as it sounds, this is the name of your event. If you want to learn more about how to create a great title, click here.
  2. Event Teaser: This is the "tweet" sized caption about your event - giving potential attendees just enough information to get them excited about your event and eager to learn more.
  3. Description: This is where you can enter all the details for your event letting them know what they can expect at your event.

Tip: In this description you can also hyperlink text by highlighting it and clicking the Link button.

  1. Images: We use a 2:1 image format that can be cropped using our image tool. For best results, we recommend using a visually rich and text-less photo.
    • If you need an image, like the one described above, we recommend visiting Unsplash or Pexels for thousands of free stock photos.
  2. Event Categories:
    • Activity Categories: Each category (like Sports, Music, or Professional Development) have interests that help describe your event (like Football, Jazz, and Networking respectively) which help attendees find your event.
    • Occasions: This describes the mood or setting for the event, not the activities. This includes options like Outside, Kid Friendly, Date Night, or more.
  3. Location:
    • In-Person: Enter the Venue information where attendees can go for the event.
      1. As a bonus, if your event has parking off-site from the event, click 'different parking address" so you can enter a parking location that will tell attendees exactly where to go park!
    • Digital: For a digital event, select the digital event option and simply enter the link where attendees can go to attend your event!
  4. Date:
    • One-Time Event: Enter the start and end date as well as start and end time of your event.
    • Recurring Event: If you have a weekly recurring event, click "recurring event" and select the days of the week your event occurs on. Then enter the start date and end date for your recurring event series and the start and end time for the events.
  5. What does it cost:
    • Free Events: If it's a free event with no registration link you can use our registration system.

      Free Events with a 3rd party registration: If you have a free event but want registrants to sign up for an event elsewhere, enter the registration URL below.

      Paid Events: If you have a paid event, please select the paid event tab and enter:

      1. Price: enter the lowest advertised price here for your tickets.
      2. Ticket Purchase URL: Enter the link where attendees can purchase your tickets (if you have one).
  6. Select Calendars:
    • Creator - Free Tier: If there are community calendars powered by Event Vesta in your community, you can select those below to have your event considered! If you're interested in submitting to the other premium calendars contact us for pricing based on your needs!
    • Promoter / Promoter Plus Tier: Select local calendars that you’d like your event submitted to. Make sure to check the submission requirements for calendars before submitting!
  7. Previewing Your Event: After you've entered in your information for your event, click "Save & Preview Event" to see what it looks like (this should take you to a new page).
  8. Submitting Your Event: If submitting to calendars make sure to double check that the information is correct - once we submit the information on your behalf it may take days to revise event information on those calendars.

Tip for Creating Multiple Events:

If you have an event that you do routinely, you can click “Duplicate” to create a new event pulling the information from your old one.

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