Create Your Organization Page

Once your user account has been created and activated, you can create your organization and promote your events! 🎉

  1. You can get to the organization creation page by:
    1. Following the link within your user activation email.
    2. Or by logging into your user account, clicking the "Account" button in the top right corner, then "Create a New Organization".

  2. Fill in the purple highlighted fields for your organization. Click here for further guidance on the organization fields.

Recommended profile photo sizes:

300x300 pixel square photo with no white space

1200x1200 pixel maximum photo size

  1. Select the account tier that best fits your organization. Paying accounts will be redirected to Stripe to create your billing profile. Need help deciding? Send us an email at
Select your tier based on what features you need access to.
Select the number of events you plan to promote in the billing period (monthly or annually)

✅ Now your organization page has been created! Click here for instructions on creating an event!

🔁 If you're on Enhanced Tier or Premium Tier, learn more about Auto-Imports and Link Imports!

Tip: If you want to create multiple organizations under this billing and login account you can! Click here for more information.

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