Creating Your First Event

It’s time to have fun and create an event to share!

  1. Log into your correct user account and organization.
  2. Click "Create Event" in the top right corner of your screen or simply click here.

  1. Fill out the event information form with your event details! For more guidance, see a full list of event fields, here.

  1. Click "Save and Preview Event" then "Submit to Local Calendars".

Congrats! You have promoted your first event! 🥳

Event Creation Tips:

  1. Use an Engaging Cover Photo: This is one of the best ways to get potential attendees interested in your event and click to learn more.
  2. Use our Date Module to Your Advantage:
    1. Single Date Events: Select “Scheduled Event” and enter the date & time.
    2. Multi Date Events: Select “Scheduled Event” and enter the first date & time, and then select “Add Another Date” to add all of the relevant dates and times.
    3. Weekly Recurring Events: Select “Weekly Recurring Event” and enter the time this event will occur over and then add the days of the weeks and times this event will be happening.
  3. Include your Ticket Link or Use our Registration System:
    1. Ticketed Event: If you’re selling tickets be sure to include a link to the ticket purchase site to drive visitors to your checkout page.
    2. Free Event: If it’s a free event then make sure to take advantage of our registration system so that you can get them to attend your future events.
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